For enquiries or bookings, for a faster response please contact Claudine via WhatsApp ON: +628126081916. Alternatively you can email Claudine at mbapartments110@gmail.com

We have 10 bungalows and 3 tents available for rent

Our rate is Rp.250,000/person/night including 3 meals and drinking water. Children under 5 years old only have to pay for the food they order. Tent rent is Rp.150,000/person/night including 3 meals and drinking water. 

We can organize speedboat pick up or other transport options & island hopping with other groups at no profit for us. Please see the attachment Palambak Information, for all the transport options, accommodation and activities. You can pay the drivers directly.

From trave to Singkil, most guests save time by travelling overnight. It takes 10 hours from KNO Airport to Singkil, so if you leave at night you will rech Singkil in the morning. Then get boat transport over to Palambak. If you prefer day travel and arrive in Singkil at night, please stay the night with us at MB Camp Singkil. Then go over to Palambak the next morning.

There are 2 main options for getting to Palambak FROM Singkil.

The first is direct speedboat (Rp.1,500,000/chartered boat; about 2 hours); leaves between 0600-1500.

The other is a public big wooden boat from Singkil to Balai (Boat Kayu Besar; Rp.50,000/person; 4 hours) or Ferry (Rp.28,000/person; 4 hours; Operates from Singkil to Balai on Tues @ 1000 and Fri @ 1300; Operates from Balai to Singkil @ Wed/Sun @ 1400). Then from Balai you catch a Slow Boat to Palambak (Rp.100,000/person; minimum 2 persons; 2.5 hours).Please note that you should book the Slow Boat beforehand to make sure you have a connection to the island on that day.

Once you are on Palambak we can call our Slow Boat contact to take you wherever you want (see the attachment for destinations).

Please note that the departure time for the Boat Kayu Besar is unpredictable. Scheduled at between 0700-0900 sometimes the boat leaves at 1200 due to various reasons such as tide and load. If you would like to choose this transport please keep this in mind.

The weather in Palambak is sometimes unpredictable so we advise to leave a day or two earlier than a flight you have scheduled in case the weather/beauty of nature prevents you from leaving Palambak.

We have accommodation in Medan and Singkil.

Medan :
Clean rooms available at MB Apartments for Rp.300,000/night.

Singkil :
Our rate at MB Camp Singkil is Rp.150,000/person which includes breakfast, hot showers and free transport and assistance to the Ferry/Boat Port. We have just started operating so are not very well known. We are the only place in Singkil with hot water showers.

Please follow us on instagram @palambakislandresort.
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any enquiries or should we be able to assist you.

Thank you.

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MB Palambak Island Resort
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MB Camp Singkil
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